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O Cérebro Ninja (The Ninja Brain) – Learn to Use 100% of Your Brain

You have the most sophisticated device in the world right behind your eyes, equipped with an almost infinite capacity to assimilate new things every second. The brain. Different from what people say, it is possible to use 100% of this organ. But in reality we don’t always use it in our favor. Self-sabotage occurs more often than we imagine.

Why don’t you use 100% of the brain in your favor?

To do this you need to act differently. Based on making a conscious change in the way we think, it is possible to shine in dormant areas where you have settled into a comfort zone.

In this book, the neuroscientist Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto, invites us on a trip around the human brain, using playful examples and practical tips to help you make the most of your life in a more intelligent and joyful manner.

“Your life will never be the same after you incorporate the neurotips in this book into your habits”.


Neurociência do Amor (Neuroscience of Love)

Can Science explain love? Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto, consultant neuroscientist to the TV program Encontro com Fátima Bernardes, explains what happens in our brain when we are in love. Instinct, enchantment, the neurochemistry of passion, eternal love; these are some of the subjects of this inspiring, innovative book, replete with neurotips. How long does love last? Can physical activity enhance sexual desire? How important is emotional intelligence? What are the effects of passion on our body? How to forget a great love? How to control stress and anxiety? When you are in love, your reward system has more dopamine, the hormone responsible for the sensation of well being* A simple complement provides positive reinforcement for the brain, boosting the confidence of the loved one* Physical attraction makes your brain fire off an arsenal of hormones and neurotransmitters* A smile transmits to your brain the fact that you are ready to get close to someone. *And kissing moves 34 muscles in your face and activates five of the 12 nerves in your head. Understanding and experiencing all the phases of love is fundamental for a healthy and full life. Understand how your brain reacts to desire, flirting, jealousy, betrayal, separation, love and take more effective decisions in your relationships.


Papo Cabeça (Head Talk)

People have a tiger in their head, but they think it is a pussy cat. And they accept and are even happy with this idea. The tiger in your head is a beautiful, strong and agile animal, however its power can be very destructive if it is not kept under control. When you master your brain you start to use its power efficiently, which makes every aspect of life easier and more pleasurable. Tame the tiger in order to live better. This is the lesson the author of “Papo Cabeça” is proposing to teach. The brain is much more powerful than most of us imagine, and intelligence is a broad and elastic concept – which is manifest in activities as varied as mathematical calculus and dancing. The first part of the book is dedicated to explaining the brain and its functions, how each one of its components works and the best way to keep it in good shape through eating habits, sleep and physical activity. In the second part, the author shows how efficient use of the brain may solve both small and large problems. Memorizing names, overcoming shyness, eliminating useless fears, being successful in love and at work, saving money and even losing weight. A brain in good condition and working well makes light of these missions.



Misteriosamente sem segredos (Mysteriously with no secrets)

We are faced with innumerable situations every day in which we need to make choices, keep our temper, feel love, be more intelligent, more organized, pray, stop, think and also…store all this information away without forgetting anything. Many people have no idea what goes through our minds when we are faced with these and many other routine situations. In just 24 hours, our thoughts are invaded by thousands of pieces of information and emotions that shape our actions, decisions and attitudes. But how does this really happen? Is it possible to gain in-depth understanding of this mysterious machine we have in our head and use this in our favor? With simple, scientifically based explanations the neurosurgeon Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto reveals the physical and behavioral aspects of the skills, emotions and needs that run through your head every day and that you have never noticed.


Hidrocefalia de pressão normal (HPN) – Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH)

Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) is responsible for alterations in gait, problems with memory, and urinary incontinence, especially among the elderly. With the increase in life expectancy, more people may get this disease, which compromises quality of life. NPH is a kind of dementia that can be controlled and reverted if diagnosed and treated rapidly. This work is divided into three parts – the first presents NPH, the diagnostic process and neurosurgical treatment; the second describes the physiotherapeutic, neuropsychological and urological rehabilitation processes; lastly, the third part presents the care necessary and some general tips for NPH patients and those who care for them.


Você sabe como seu cérebro cria pensamentos? (Do you know how your brain creates thoughts?)

The brain is one of organs most studied in the field of medicine. It contains mysteries and answers. To discuss how this important part of the human body functions, we need to broaden our vision. From a neuroscientific, philosophical and psychological perspective, the author explains and teaches some mental exercises aimed at developing self-knowledge and techniques for managing one’s own thoughts.


Exercícios e posturas (Exercises and postures)

This is 10-chapter illustrated manual aimed at family members and carers of patients suffering from the sequels of strokes and other neurological diseases. The purpose is to teach basic care, including an appropriate posture and physical exercises for the patient that may be undertaken under the supervision of family members.

It is written in simple language accompanied by explanatory illustrations to facilitate reading and understanding.

The idea of this project is not to substitute the role of the healthcare professional, but to provide a theoretical basis by means of simple, straightforward information aimed at promoting understanding of the patient on his/her post-stroke rehabilitation journey.


Manual de iniciação em neurocirurgia (Neurosurgery initiation manual)

Certain subjects in neurosurgery are fundamental. At the same time, they can be very complex upon first contact, making rapid comprehension difficult even for the most dedicated students.

Since the success of the first edition of the Manual de Iniciação em Neurocirurgia (2004), it has been necessary to update it. Science progresses rapidly, new concepts are incorporated and even basic subjects are discussed and reviewed.

All the chapters have been revised and updated for this second edition of the manual. Seven new chapters have been added to the original seventeen chapters of the first edition: Laser Applications in Neurosurgery, Materials Used in Neurosurgery, Traumatic Injuries to Peripheral Nerves and Compressive Syndromes, Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy, Surgical Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, Intracranial Tumors and Scales in Neurosurgery.

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